About Kole

Kole is an gardening facilitator who specialises in school gardening and providing support for anyone wanting to start children growing food.

She has worked across Bristol over the last eight years supporting and delivering gardening education for children from 18 months to Year 6. She is passionate about providing children with an outdoor learning experience that is also rewarding and with an element of fun.

Kole helped with the creation of the innovative outdoor toddler group at the award winning Golden Hill Community Garden and for a while was the Pizza Queen at the community events.

She has also been involved with Incredible Edible Bristol since the start.


The gardening came about after a separation and move from Bedfordshire to Bristol. A chance class at a support group became a volunteer opportunity helping someone doing a garden project in a school. Then it became taking over the gardening project and volunteering in a different school. Then another and then became a self-employed business and working with others undertaking larger project work at five schools.

Some projects she has been involved in are detailed on the ‘what do we do’ page.

Eighteen months break after a car accident and the focus is on less physical work and more trying to support others and let people know how straightforward outdoor education can be.

Recently Kole has been doing some presentations to various groups on outdoor learning and growing food.

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