Activities and Topics

Introduction to Gardening 

  • Why are we here? What are vegetables? When do we garden? 
  • Why not just buy them? Why do we grow our own? 
  • What else do we do with plants?; medicine, cloth making, dyeing cloth, painting 
  • What else can we do in our garden? crafts, plants/produce/flower sale, drinks at school fair, herb bags 
  • Recording our adventures 
  • Tool safety and garden rules, using tools safely 
  • Communication and discussion, partnership and teamwork 


  • With a blindfold on use your other senses to identify different vegetables 
  • Eat fruit or vegetables blindfolded and use sensory science to describe them 
  • Be part of a Bee colony and pollinate some flowers

 Garden Growth 

  • Make sweet pea wigwam 
  • Make willow den 
  • Make sunflower circle 
  • Make scarecrow, tree hangings 
  • Make bean tunnel and weave supporting patterns 

Mulching and Compost 

  • What do plants need to grow? 
  • What is a weed? 
  • How do we tend and nurture our plants? 
  • Who lives in the compost? 
  • Where is our compost? 
  • Mulching and Compost 

 Garden journals and writing 

  • Decisions and discussions about gardening 
  • Reflective thoughts on what we have done 
  • Planning and design 
  • Ideal school garden 
  • Article for the school newsletter/blog 
  • Seed spacing and bed planning 
  • Measure plant growth and yield 
  • Photo diary 
  • Introduce parents and carers to the garden 

Container planting 

  • What else can we grow things in? 
  • Where else can we grow things? 
  • How else can we grow things? Windowsills, walls and fences 

 Herb Circle or Spiral 

  • Culinary herbs for the school kitchen 
  • Scented herbs and their uses 
  • Medicinial herbs 

Specific Beds and areas 

  • Rainbow Garden. Build a rainbow coloured flower garden using annuals 
  • Cut Flowers. Build a garden focusing on cut flowers 
  • Three sisters bed (beans, corn, squash) Build a bed based on stories from Native American folklore 
  • Pizza Bed. Build a bed focused on healthy pizza 
  • Edible flowers. Build a bed filled with flowers that can be wholly or partially eaten 
  • Sensory garden. Build a bed that appeals to all of the senses 
  • Circle Time. Build an area for circle/teaching time using natural materials 
  • Reflective and Creative space. Build an area for thinking 


Seasons and Weather 

  • Set up a weather station and monitor and record activity 
  • Plan and build a sundial or some shadowsticks to look at the sun’s journey around the school 
  • Plan and build a weathervane or some windflags and whirligigs 


  • Plastic bottle greenhouse. Get the whole school involved in building a pop bottle greenhouse 
  • Make a mini greenhouse and lightboxes for window sill growing 
  • Weaving. Using found and recycled objects weave a pattern into a chainlink fence or create an individual woven object using sticks 


  • Bioblitz. Identification and analysis 
  • Attracting benefical wildlife to the garden 
  • Bug Hotel. Build some accommodation for winter 


Urban Agriculture 

  • Growing space in a city 
  • Pollution and rubbish – barriers 
  • Food for Free 
  • Benefits of ‘Greening the Grey’


Garden Art and Sculpture 

  • Make windchimes and seed protectors from found objects (and scrapstore materials) 
  • Use clay to make natural faces 
  • Decorate your fence or wall with sculpture from recycled bottle lids 
  • Build a willow sculpture or dome 
  • Craft some art to identify boundaries 

Science in the garden 

  • Soil testing and nutrients 
  • Sustainability and Permaculture 
  • Food Chains and Food Webs 
  • Parts of a flower 
  • Plant lifecycle 

Wet weather activities 

Seed packets and catalogues 

  • Look at different types of seed packet and the information on them 
  • Choose our favourite packet 
  • Design your own seed packet 

Badges and Labels 

  • create and decorate name badges based on our favourite things around growing and eating 
  • create and decorate names badges for our plants 
  • create infographic boards to describe gardening to other people 



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