Courtyard Allotment

2015-02-12 09.31.30

Design: The brief was simple. Let’s make this grey space greener. After hashing out a little detail of actual requirements and some photos and measuring, a design scope was created.
Diane from Urban Eden Designs, turned this into some beautiful pictures which the school’s project team loved.
A consultative design morning was planned and budget confirmed and the process began.
We showed these pictures to the parent group and they were thrilled with the planned changes. Lots of questions about compost too. The rest of the consultation morning was spent talking to every child in the school, in their year groups. After a mini intro we offered them some choices of one part of the design, showed them a clever design walkthrough on the laptop, gave them paper and pens to write and draw their own ideas and left out a massive buffet of fruit. It left us with more clever ideas, lots of animals listed on our raised bed list, more stickers on the choices board than we had had children and a lot less grapes.

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