School Gardening Club

A garden club (after school) that can be run all year round. This is a 1 hr fun and practical food growing club for up to twelve children, with one facilitator and a member of school staff.

Run within the school grounds inspiring children about growing organic food; from soil science, planting seeds and nurturing plants right through to harvesting and eating healthy delicious produce.

Clubs are aimed primarily at those children who do not have access to a garden out of school hours and are a fun and interesting way of spending time developing the school garden.

Usually involves looking at the world around us and the idea of Environmental Stewardship

Always involves growing some seeds and understanding the plant life cycle

2014-02-19 10.05.17

Always involves some sort of eating, whether fresh from the garden itself or something new to try
2014-06-24 13.29.57
Quite often involves making something out of what we can find in the garden

2014-04-06 13.43.20-2


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