Tiny flowers

Erodium Roseum

2015-04-14 13.28.53

Sometimes a small flower can have a large impact; this tiny alpine is a fantastic ground cover and forms into hummocks (love that word), keeping the weeds down beautifully under larger shrubs. A friend has this on two long patches on the driveway and it gets run over regularly but still produces beautifully.


2011-03-17 10.59.20

Love the idea of using old mosaic tile patterns as a basis for patchwork and applique

simple engineering

2011-03-17 12.23.58

This is one of the glass lean-to’s at Tyntesfield, housing peaches. A long handle turns gently and various panes move to open as a vent. I was lucky enough to step inside and get a closer look at a remarkable but simple piece of engineering that requires minimum effort but produces quite an impact.


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