Librarian influence

2013-03-07 12.03.16

Just loving that upon being asked to tidy the books, my eldest created placeholders and alphabetised her fiction by authors surname, then firstname. Can’t wait to see if she uses dewey decimal for the non fiction

She said what?

Child in temper makes unsurprisingly little sense or logic …

Small person enters my room in a very worked up angry state.

“Its just not fair” is the cry. It’s 5.30am by the clock and I can’t do much more than lift my head briefly off the pillow and grunt

“there’s two things and it’s just not fair” .

The wail increases in decibels and my pained sigh in response is unfortunately taken as an affirmation to continue.

“It’s just… it’s just…the first thing is that she’s bigger than me….”

A dramatic pause (possibly for effect, she’s quite theatrical already)

“And the other thing is…”. Another pause but this time a sob escapes as well.

“And I’m smaller than her”…

At this point it is fair to say that my laughter under the duvet is not taken positively.

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