Mystery Radish

At Whitehall, at the end of one hideously rainy session we quickly threw some old radish seed I found in the bottom of my seed box into a pot. It got moved to one side the week after when I saw the pot with no label and realised I’d forgotten what I’d hurled in. Luckily, by the next week they were up and a quick taste confirmed my radish suspicions. Can’t wait for them to be big enough to harvest so that we can identify the variety

A bit of a gap

You may have noticed there is a bit of a gap in my writing and work. Unfortunately in Aug 2015 I was involved in a hideous car crash which meant time in hospital and a long rehabilitation. Now, Sep 2016, I’m returning to work part-time and building up hopefully to full-time again. The long term effect of the crash has meant I have different capabilities in terms of the hours I can put in and how physical the work gets. As with most people who have suffered an accident and spent time within the NHS I am happy to sing the praises of all of the staff I have come into contact with (bar one arrogant consultant!). I am only alive because of the emergency services which has made me even more of a NHS supporter and I would like to scream in frustration at those who talk it down or think it’s ok to cut funding.

Animal Face Raised Beds

Raised Bed fun

One of the design features in the courtyard allotment needed to be a number of raised beds. Most of the area was tarmac and it was too expensive to dig it up. Diane from Urban Eden Designs came up with some beds that fitted in the best positions around the courtyard and had gorgeous animal faces on the end. We asked the children to vote as part of the design process and we

ended up with some fabulously individual beds.


Animal Face Raised Beds – Part Two

Raised Bed fun

Once the beds were created and lined the next stage was filling them. A large deposit of compost was popped in the school carpark, unfortunately because of the lorry’s limited turning circle it had to block a parking space. In an inner city school these are like gold dust. Luckily we had our amazing friends from Good Gym Bristol help us out. If you haven’t found them yet they are just fantastic. Put simply ‘We run to help projects and people in Bristol’. On a cold tuesday evening about twenty people in red appeared around the corner and started wheelbarrowing the cmpost around the school to the raised beds. They did a few stretches, they had a go at digging up one of our stubborn shrubs with a mattock and they moved about a tonne of compost.


2015-03-21 10.05.17


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