Animal Face Raised Beds – Part Two

Raised Bed fun

Once the beds were created and lined the next stage was filling them. A large deposit of compost was popped in the school carpark, unfortunately because of the lorry’s limited turning circle it had to block a parking space. In an inner city school these are like gold dust. Luckily we had our amazing friends from Good Gym Bristol help us out. If you haven’t found them yet they are just fantastic. Put simply ‘We run to help projects and people in Bristol’. On a cold tuesday evening about twenty people in red appeared around the corner and started wheelbarrowing the cmpost around the school to the raised beds. They did a few stretches, they had a go at digging up one of our stubborn shrubs with a mattock and they moved about a tonne of compost.


2015-03-21 10.05.17


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