Picture of healthy looking pea seedlings

The peas we sowed into old cat food boxes which were surprisingly healthy after the Easter break.

Holiday weather, windy composters and purple carrots

It’s not always easy to get access to the school out of term time and my own children are off school so work gets a little more complex. The sudden gloriously sunny weather made me slightly nervous about what we find at our first garden club of term 5. It was a relief to find a lot of germination had happened and little green shoots were poking through of a large number of modules. Some had in fact appeared and then dried too quickly, which was a shame but it was a batch of saved Calendula seed and I saved at least 1000 seeds last year so we simply resowed.

A bigger issue was the wind we had had, one of our barely full new plastic composters was at the other end of our space, with it’s contents strewn, most of our unused pots were everywhere and it all looked a bit unloved. Twenty minutes later, some sweeping and sorting and it felt a lot better. There is something soothing about stacking and matching small plastic pots that pleases part of my brain.

We sowed more flowers (hollyhock, nasturtium, marsh mallow) with a few for the summer fair garden sale. I had ordered some exotic coloured corn with blue, red, purple and black kernels.Picture of planting modules and corn packets
We also put in sunflowers; giant, red, lemon and multi head so as to have a real variety and some carrots; Nantes for a relatively sure early crop, small round, purple and red to be more interesting to look at.  Much as children in inner city school’s can be totally surprised and thrilled by eating a straight, orange carrot they helped grow, the look on their faces when they pull a purple carrot is amazing and I do believe the memory stays with them longer.

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